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People with a busy or a hectic lifestyle can suffer from sprained ankles occasionally. When the ligaments connecting the bones at the ankles are damaged, they start suffering even more from this condition. When the ligament is torn completely, a severe strain may be experienced; a minor sprain may result when a ligament is partially torn or stretched.

The causes for sprained ankles are many. This condition can occur when there is a great deal of force applied to the joint, when the ground is uneven, when there is a sudden twisting motion or when the foot is placed awkwardly on the ground. The inversion sprain is the most common type of ankle sprain. Sprained ankles are also suffered by those indulging in active sports. They are more common in sports such as volleyball, basketball and football as these involve rapid changes in direction, jumping and running, quick landing action and others.

Patients may feel their ankle giving away because of the tearing away of the ligaments when they suffer from sprained ankles. Some of them may hear a popping sound and experience intense pain in the ankle. The pain may get worse as they move their ankle. They may not be able to bear weight on their legs as they may experience severe sprain in the ankle region. Some patients can also suffer from bruising and swelling. Swelling may take place soon after the injury while bruising can manifest itself within 24 hours post injury. Patients may also experience instability in ankles and difficulty in moving their foot. The area may also be warm to touch.

There may be blockage in the circulation of blood, which is the main cause for swelling and pain in the injured area. Any treatment process for sprained ankles must aim at restoring circulation and blood flow to the painful area. For centuries, Shaolin fighting monks and Chinese warriors have used herbal formulas on warriors to treat injuries sustained in the battlefield so that they could resume fighting as early as possible. When used directly on the injury, these herbal liniments can bring down swelling and inflammation, stop pain, encourage tissue regeneration, improve blood flow and circulation, prevent fluid accumulation and provide faster recovery time and all round relief. Many countries except the U.S are already making use of these herbal liniments and benefiting from its awesome healing properties. In the U.S, these herbal formulas have yet to become popular. To procure the health restoring liniments visit www.sinewtherapeutics.com today. Sinew Therapeutics is the only one stop shop for these amazing herbal liniments.

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